Colleen Hajdasz

Staff Interpreter

University of Connecticut Interpreting Services (UCIS)

Colleen was born and raised in Connecticut. She graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. She then worked as a Vocational Social Worker helping people with disabilities find competitive, gainful employment. While happily on this path in life, her car broke down. If you want to know how her car breaking down then lead her to become an interpreter, well, you’ll have to ask her.  She has had the honor and privilege of being an ASL interpreter for the Deaf Community for 24 years. She is very grateful for all of the support, patience, encouragement and education she has received from that community. Her background includes creating and coordinating The Connecticut Mentorship Program for Interpreters in Connecticut for many years. She has also held various positions on the Connecticut RID Board throughout the years. Colleen has coordinated bowling, golf tournament and concert fundraisers for various causes. Organizing toy drives and basic necessities drives has also been, and continues to be, something she loves to do. She has independently contracted with UConn for years and is psyched to be officially part of the team now.

Contact Information
860-553-3243 (VP)
Mailing Address233 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4174, Storrs, CT 06269-4174
Office LocationCenter for Students with Disabilities, Wilbur Cross Building