UCIS Service Provider Handbook

Whether you are exploring opportunities at UCIS or have already been working with us, please use this handbook as your resource. This handbook is designed for direct service providers, including sign language interpreters and speech-to-text providers (such as CART). It will outline expectations and provide important information about working at UConn.

For more information about working with UCIS, please contact Audrey Silva, Director.


Thank you for your interest in collaborating with our team, and we look forward to working with you. UCIS promotes a supportive, collaborative environment that nurtures professional growth. We recognize that service provision in an academic environment can be demanding and challenging. To support these demands, UCIS incorporates multiple facets in our approach, including the Integrated Model of Interpreting and a commitment to working in teams when appropriate.

UCIS is responsible for meeting the variety of unique communication needs of d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals within the UConn Community. Our goals are:

  • To provide equitable communication access for all curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities;
  • To foster a supportive and inclusive campus environment; and
  • To provide services for all members of our community, including faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

We are excited to have you working with us! Please feel free to utilize UCIS and our staff as resources.  We are here to support you.


Audrey Silva, Director

Erin McManus, Program Coordinator

Mary Jo Schwie-Loughran, Staff Interpreter

Nathan Fowler, Staff Interpreter

Nick Dionne, Staff Interpreter

Colleen Hajdasz, Staff Interpreter