UCIS Service Provider Handbook

Please use this handbook as a resource, whether you are exploring opportunities at UCIS or are already working with us.  This handbook is designed for direct service providers, including sign language interpreters and speech-to-text providers (like CART).  It will outline expectations and provide important information about working at UConn.

For more information about working with UCIS, please contact Audrey Silva, Director.

Attendance & Punctuality

Continuity is paramount to the success of our work.  Given the esoteric and cumulative nature of post-secondary interpreting work, consistency of interpreting services throughout the semester is imperative.  When a service provider accepts an assignment, UCIS expects that they will make every effort to be available for the duration of the semester.

UConn is a large campus with garage parking on the outskirts. Parking is rarely close to your final destination on campus. For more information about parking, see Campus Information. Please plan travel times accordingly, leaving yourself ample time for punctuality.

Often, your assignment start/end times are slightly before/after the actual event time. This allows peers to interact before and after assignments. If there are no communication access needs, this time should be used to talk about the work, how you’d like to work with your teammate, set up the space, and debrief after the assignment.

Any notification of service provider absence or tardiness must be reported to ucis@uconn.edu.  UCIS staff will determine how best to cover the assignment.  In the event of inclement weather, please be proactive in your planning.  Reach out to UCIS if you are unable to make the drive to your designated campus.