Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of services does UCIS offer?

A. UCIS is committed to working with each student, visitor, or faculty member requesting accommodations at the University to develop an individualized access plan that suits their varied academic, professional, and social needs for effective communication access. Some examples of accommodations we provide are found on our service overview page, including but not limited to sign language interpreting, live captioning, guidance on multimedia captioning, and other assistive learning systems.

Q. Where can I request UCIS services such as Sign Language Interpreting and Live Captioning?

A. All UCIS service requests can be submitted through the Request Services Form. Please keep in mind that large-scale and recurring events require 3 weeks request in advance.

Q. Can I request services from UCIS on the behalf of someone else?

A. Of course! When submitting a request on our Request Services form, make sure to indicate that you are making a request on the behalf of someone else when answering "Is this service request for you?"

Q. I am a student in need of UCIS services. What do I do?

A. For general information and steps regarding requesting any disability-related assistance, visit our Students Requesting Disability-Related Accommodations page. To request sign language interpreters and/or live captioning, please use our online form. Students who are not yet registered with the Center for Students with Disabilities will need to first register and submit the proper documentation.

Q. Can I still utilize UCIS services even though I am not deaf or hard of hearing?

A. Here at UCIS, we are committed to providing a universal inclusion and meaningful access to university events and affairs whether they are a student, faculty member, or guest at UConn. Just follow the steps provided by our "Ready to Get Started?" menu found in our Services page and you will be serviced accordingly.

Q. I am an instructor who teaches a student(s) in need of UCIS services. What do I do?

A. Make sure the student visits our Students Requesting Disability-Related Accommodations page and submits the proper forms. You can make a service request on the behalf of your student, however it is still required for the student to follow the steps outlined in out Students Requesting Disability-Related Accommodations page in order for them to receive full accommodations. When a request has been approved and confirmed, visit our Working with Interpreters or Working with CART pages to get an outline of helpful steps to take in order to ensure your student using UCIS services is accommodated efficiently. Your continued support and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Q. What are Preparatory Materials and how do I submit it?

A. Outlined with examples in our Working with Interpreters and Working with CART pages, prep materials can range from anything such as lesson outlines and drafts of speeches to lecture slides and discussion readings. In order to submit prep materials, please use our Preparatory Material Submission form.

Q. I am planning an event. How do I know whether or not my event will need Sign Language Interpreting or Live Captioning?

A. As an event planner or organizer, it is your responsibility to ensure there is accessibility for participants or attendees with disabilities. In general, please visit the Office of Institutional Equity’s Event Planning page to ensure accessibility needs are met.

If you know that your event will need UCIS assistance, please submit a Request Services Form. Please remember that for large or reoccurring events, the Request Services form should be submitted 3 weeks in advance.

Q. How do become an interpreter at UCIS?

A. If interested in joining our diverse interpreting team at UCIS, check out our UCIS Service Provider Handbook and submit a résumé/CV to Director Audrey Silva via email.

If you have any further questions that were not answered above, please do not hesitate to search for relevant information on our site or contact us via the information listed to the right.

Thank you!

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