UCIS Service Provider Handbook

Please use this handbook as a resource, whether you are exploring opportunities at UCIS or are already working with us.  This handbook is designed for direct service providers, including sign language interpreters and speech-to-text providers (like CART).  It will outline expectations and provide important information about working at UConn.

For more information about working with UCIS, please contact Audrey Silva, Director.

Affiliate UConn Accounts

Affiliate service providers who work with UCIS on a long-term or on-going basis will require access to institutional resources that are otherwise restricted to UConn community members.  Affiliates will be granted UConn credentials and will be assigned a temporary NetID and UConn email address for this purpose. These accounts are sponsored and supervised by the Director of UCIS. Affiliates are expected to use these accounts regularly, as the most up-to-date information about assignments and prep materials will be available here.


Hosted by Office 365, your personal UConn email account will be your primary means of communication with UCIS.  Use it to log into Outlook, where you’ll find your email inbox and calendar of assignments.  You will also use it to log into OneDrive, a cloud storage platform for all of your prep materials.


Your NetID is used for UConn’s “Single Sign-On” system to access library resources or UConn’s learning management system (HuskyCT). It is a series of 3 initials and 5 numbers (e.g. abc10003).


Request Affiliate UConn Account