UCIS Service Provider Handbook

Please use this handbook as a resource, whether you are exploring opportunities at UCIS or are already working with us.  This handbook is designed for direct service providers, including sign language interpreters and speech-to-text providers (like CART).  It will outline expectations and provide important information about working at UConn.

For more information about working with UCIS, please contact Audrey Silva, Director.

Required Qualifications

As a state entity, the University of Connecticut adheres to Connecticut State Statute 46a-33a when working with interpreters. These statutes provide a minimum threshold of qualification to work in the State of Connecticut. In order to meet the needs of our community, UCIS often works with interpreters who exceed these criteria.

CART providers, captionists, and transcriptionists are held to expectations dependent on the accommodation provided and the technical standards of their respective fields.