Nick Dionne

Staff Interpreter

UConn Communication Access and Interpreting Services (UCIS)

Nick manages the UCIS website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. He is a nationally certified ASL-English Interpreter who is also screened on the Educational Interpreters Performance Assessment (EIPA)(4.1). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, concentrated in ASL-English Interpreting from The University of Southern Maine in Portland, and an Associate’s degree in ASL-English Interpreter Preparation from Northwestern Connecticut Community College. He has studied and worked as an interpreter for over a decade in a wide variety of settings and enjoys working in education, academia, and community environments. He has served on several boards and committees within the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (locally and nationally) for several years. Nick enjoys sharing his learning, knowledge and expertise with new Interpreter Practitioners as a means to giveback for those who have taught him. He lives in Connecticut, where he enjoys traveling and the company of friends, family & colleagues.

Contact Information
860-553-3243 (VP)
CV Nick Dionne
Mailing Address233 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4174, Storrs, CT 06269-4174
Office LocationCenter for Students with Disabilities, Wilbur Cross Building, Room 207